Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Macro Photography

Photography is two words meaning Photos and graphos,
where the literal meaning is "Painting with Light".
In the photography category we will meet one of which is photography where makro.Yang is currently experiencing a very significant development and very interesting to learn as well as in studies.

Why Macro? The answer may be a lot, and would not even suffice if everything mentioned here.
In broad outline the necessary macro photography, among others:
For materials Scientific / identification of species (animals / tumbuh2an).
For engineering, metallurgy, manufacture.
For the purpose of the promotion / marketing of an object / animal / tumbuh2an.
For beauty, that in this world there are other creatures cipta'an God we can not see its beauty with the naked eye.

And many more.
Detail of an object / object, composition and shape of an object that is small, surely we will always escape notice, then the macro photography we will be able to see clearly in detail, color and shape.
So through macro photography we can see clearly detail eye / facet of a fly (which maybe we would be disgusted when he saw flies) would be a beautiful shape and color, the flower pistil pollination by bees, which are sucking honey kupu2, carving a dent details coin, even freeze a bee in flight.

Along with the increasing digitization of the current era of rapid advancement, studying macro photography is not a difficult thing, not like in the era of photography while still using analog cameras plus film negative.
Therefore during this digital age saa, macro photography can be done by anyone, young or old, male or female, even for the novice photographer and a camera that is not a pro, so long as done in earnest.
Macro photography
Macro photography is one of the categories of photography that makes the magnification of an object. Or in other words, the world can be reduced into the world of photography Micro.

The enlargement can be done with medekatkan obect with a camera, or even from a distance using a telephoto lens terentu. and must still carry the concept of "The photos speak" involving elements of composition, POI and balance.
Objects that can be in the macro is:
Inanimate objects / silent
Such as: spoon / fork, jewelry, coins, stamps, flowers, miniature mobil2an, souvenirs etc..

living things
Such as: insects, butterflies, flowers plants, laba2, etc. Click here for info

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