Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Brocade Gown Design Sweet and Simple Dress

This is how I make a party dress design sketches now ... as far as possible try to be clearer in terms of detail and presentation that gives a clearer visualization of providing alternative design options for clients.
Quilted brocade party dress (brocade) above could be an option for dress Mama ATW Ii and other brides in the family circle. Slight variations in material ATW sequins can add the difference to the final look ..

On top of this there are several examples of models of party dress options for flanking / brother with limited material 2 mtr For brocades (large width and interest meeting 1:50 mtr) and 2 mtr (large width jg) For plain material. With the same material can still look stylish and individually through a variety of creations. I created this to answer a lot of friends who confused looking models.

Sweet and Simple with Brocade, that's the theme of my party dress design ini..semoga sketsa2 times this can be a fairly clear picture for teman2 and inspiration for those looking for a dress mom / parents, dress ayu ATW fence for themselves even with the budget affordable and beautiful results.

It is not separated because women always assumed to be a fancy dress party, a party dress should be black because black is very elegant, party dress should be a model sparkle and various other slogans that actually will make the woman herself.

Though you are still free to choose and free to be creative about the model of what a party dress you are wearing the most inappropriate. What should a party dress and identical shimmering black jalam first fairy tale rich .. only .. hehehe. Materials for fashion models party was also not to be expensive. What if expensive but inappropriate and not in keeping with your body .. I could have you the center of attention not because of your looks are beautiful and graceful, but because of your looks strange .. hehehe
Actually you can also choose a party dress that the model may be very simple but it can be seen the beautiful and comfortable while sticking to your body. Consider just the following tips:

a. If at night you should choose the dresses a little longer and avoid models that model party dresses short, because you have to show the shades of the evening to make it more visible.

b. What color dress for a party to be black? Who said, other colors dong .. ill behavior and kasian designer who has been painstakingly designed it .. hehehe. Party dress does not have to be black. Many other color options like blue, purple, beige, soft pink warrants, or other soft colors. Which pentong according to your body size.

c. If the party is held in the morning or late afternoon, you can choose and wear mini dresses or medium size, its purpose so that you look fresh and fresh look. If you have beautiful legs, mini dress or short seems very suitable, the beauty of your legs will look and NDA can be more confident.

d. Prefer a brightly colored dress. You have to look appear bright in daylight. During the day you can choose a dress that ornate white or silver color floral. You'll look as pretty as flowers .. hehehe
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