Friday, November 14, 2014

Syllabus according to experts

For those of you who are struggling in education or maybe a teacher, of course, familiar with the syllabus. But there are still some people who are struggling in the field of education can not understand and interpret the syllabus itself. Here are some reviews of the meaning of the syllabus according to the experts:

1. According to the SBC document, the syllabus is a lesson plan that covers SK (competency standards), KD (basic competencies), materials, instructional activities, and assessment of student achievement,

2. Salim (1987: 98) explains that "the syllabus is an outline, a summary, overview, or trees, or learning content."

3. Yulaelawati (2004: 123) explains that the syllabus is a set of plans and implementation arrangements in the learning and assessment system designed to contain all the components that have to do with the goal of mastering basic competencies.

4. According to the competency-based curriculum, syllabus contains seperengkat plans and arrangements for teaching and learning, classroom management and assessment of student competence.

5. According to the free dictionary, syllabus is points or an outline of a text.

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