Sunday, November 9, 2014

Knowing Fan on Facebook

If you are a facebook user, maybe you do not realize that there are people who are normal or routine to see your facebook profile. Or even what you say is not unusual to see a facebook profile the other secretly?

Well be careful. Because there is no way to mgetahui anyone who likes to see our facebook profile silently.

Here we will provide a way to see our facebook fans are accustomed to seeing our facebook profile pictures surreptitiously

Facebook login first and then go to the site

Then choose one, would like to see the girls and boys only or you can choose both. Then it will show a new page, select allow.

Then look at your facebook home page, there will be an application to My Top Fans on the left. Click on the menu it will show a new page, then select one of the menus. Once selected, it will display a sequence of names of people who used to look at your facebook profile.

That's the way to find out who secretly see our facebook profile.

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